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40 Years of Salinas Sprinkler Repair Service

our Salinas Sprinkler repair team adjusts sprinkler heads Looking for a Salinas sprinkler repair service? Choose a provider with the experience you need to handle your entire system. Choose us. We have over 40 years of experience fixing sprinkler systems – so we've seen everything and know how to fix it.

We follow a comprehensive game plan from the very first time we take your call. Unless it is an emergency repair situation, we'll define problem areas in your sprinkler system. From there we can develop an effective water management plan that will optimize your water use according to what you already have on the grounds.

Our comprehensive service means we will perform regular, ongoing maintenance on your sprinkler system. No matter how good the initial set up is, without proper maintenance the efficiency of the system will start to fall off. Seasonal adjustments need to be made to compensate for the distinct watering needs in spring, summer and fall.

Our Salinas Sprinkler Repair Team Can Keep Your Water Bill Down

a beautiful Salinas backyardOnce we've established a strong turf and healthy flowers our Salinas sprinkler repair service will help you begin a water conservation schedule to help reduce your watering costs. Our service techs are dedicated to creating an outdoor oasis for you while maintaining a healthy environment all around. This means we may suggest things like grey water reclamation systems, rain harvesting, and Xeriscaping as possible ways to lower your costs while creating a unique and inviting landscape.

We've been assuming you already have a sprinkler system and just need it optimized. What if you don't already have a system? That's not a problem. Our Salinas sprinkler repair service can build you a custom system from the ground up. It's actually easier for us to start from scratch than to try to adjust one that has already been installed. When we do a design from scratch, it often includes a combination of several different pop up heads and drip systems to target individual planting beds. We have even designed systems that incorporate ponds and fountains, for small yards and business parks alike. Whatever vision you have, we can make it a reality. Just call one of our Salinas sprinkler repair techs today to get the ball rolling.

We Cover So Much More Than Sprinkler Repair

stone steps installed by our team of contractors in Salinas CaliforniaDuring the summer months, our team is hard at work performing sprinkler repairs throughout the area. During the off months, however, there are several other services we offer. Call us for service and availability on:

  • Full lawn sprinkler system installations
  • Drip system installation & maintenance
  • Swimming pool removal / demolition
  • Hardscaping / masonry
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Landscape installation
  • And more!

Drip Irrigation System Repair & Installation

A drip irrigation system nozzle at high flowSometimes a full in-ground sprinkler system isn't the best tool for the job. If your goal it to keep your potted plants looking their best with minimum upkeep, then you're better off with a fully automated drip irrigation system. Call for professional service if you want a drip system that perfectly delivers your irrigation needs without wasted water, or without sticking out like a store thumb. 

Don't Delay - Call Our Salinas Irrigation Repair & Installation Team Today!

Our irrigation repair technicians are ready at a moment's noticeThere is no reason why you should have to wait for top notch sprinkler repair service. Our irrigation repair and installation technicians are ready to go at a moment's notice, and they're 100% ready to help you. Call any time to schedule a larger bid or installation, or for immediate sprinkler repair service. Either way, you can expect top dollar service without the top dollar price. Isn't that the way it should be?

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