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Let Our Castroville Sprinkler Repair Make Your Life Easier

Our Castroville Sprinkler Repair team locates and fixes underground leaksA sprinkler system is supposed to make life easier. What happens when it doesn't? It's time to call in the professionals – your Castroville sprinkler repair team. We can identify problems quickly and get them fixed on the spot.

Our comprehensive sprinkler repair service specializes in hard to find leaks but that doesn't mean we don't do standard repairs. We do. We are the number one choice for pop-up head repair and replacement in the Castroville area. Our team carries thousands of replacement pop-up heads from every major manufacturer with us in our trucks. We always have the part we need with us. Other sprinkler repair teams replace malfunctioning pop-up heads without looking for the underlying problem which can result in a cycle of head replacements that will keep costing you money. Our Castroville sprinkler repair team finds the cause of the problem and makes the fix so it only needs to be done once. Most of the time a broken head is a result of debris being trapped in the compression valves around the riser. If this is the issue, we can often repair it instead of replacing it.

The professionals with our Castroville sprinkler installation team can also deliver a custom built system for about the same cost as a one-size-fits-all version offered by major retailers. This is important because when you first get into the market there will be two distinctly different options to choose from – the one size fits all modular system and the custom designed model. While the pricing on the one size fits all system will look great, the “add-ons” you'll need to make it efficient will quickly drive the price up and your bargain will start looking like a money pit.

What our clients say!

I'd say - don't wait. Call these guys today. They are worth every penny and more.

~ Austin Miles ~

My sprinkler hadn't been touched in years. It wasn't doing its job so I called in the pros. My yard hasn't looked this good for ages.

~ Millie Jackson ~

Our Castroville Sprinkler Repair Crew Does Custom Work

a sprinkler spray head in Castroville California after a repair jobThe customized system option is far more efficient. When you choose our expert team, our Castroville sprinkler installers will survey your land and section it off into zones, each of which will have distinct watering needs. We will chart the drainage pattern in your yard and place the system to take full advantage of the natural terrain. We make use of all of the current spray heads and drip line configurations to deliver water right where it is needed and nowhere else. These systems are up to twice as efficient as the one-size-fits-all models that place sprinkler heads in a standard grid pattern regardless of the landscape.

Our sprinkler installers will also take into account the pressure of the water delivered to each individual spray head. This is very important when it comes to planting beds as a hard spray can knock off delicate flowers and destroy the entire reason for the planting bed in the first place. Every head will be calibrated from direction, flow rate and pressure so that it achieves the maximum irrigation in the most efficient time. This type of system optimization does require a controller unit, something that is often quoted as an add on for the one-size-fits-all systems. This is a feature that allows you to “set-it and forget-it.” Once the program is put into the controller all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your lawn. The only maintenance you'll ever need is seasonal program adjustment which can often be done remotely, the fall winterization and spring start-up.

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